The Red Paw Foundation

The Red Paw Foundation is a non-profit organization that is registered with the UAE government under the umbrella organization of the Emirates Animal Welfare Society. They are a foundation that is  entirely volunteer-operated and sustained. The foundation rescue abused and injured cats and dogs. They vaccinate, microchip and neuter all of their rescue cats and dogs, and keep them in their homes, giving the animals love and care until they are fully recovered and healthy enough to be adopted.

A second major area of the foundation’s operation is TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release. The Red Paw Foundation aims to aid the UAE government in controlling the population levels of cats in the UAE and accomplish this by trapping and neutering street cats. They then release them back into safe areas of the country once they are deemed healthy and strong enough to survive.

The Red Paw Foundation’s mission is not to house every single street cat and dog in the UAE, rather to strive to control the cat and dog population level in the UAE, while finding loving, adoptive homes for cats and dogs that have suffered either at the hands of humans or the environment at the same time.

If you would like to inquire about fostering, adopting, donating, sponsoring or becoming a volunteer, please

UAE Branch

Saint Vincent Group
Umm Ramoul Area
9th Street
PO Box 26132
Dubai - UAE

+971 4 285 6628

QATAR Branch

Saint Vincent Trading
Bu Sulba Warehousing Park
Warehouse #B9-13
P.O. Box 96728
Doha - QATAR

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Kuwait Branch

SV General Trading
Office 31 Al Naqi Building
Ali Al-Salem Street
Al Mubarakiya
Kuwait City - KUWAIT

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KSA Branch

SV Arabia
Building No 6841
Warehouse #Q\13\04
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Dammam – KSA